Welcome to 2015!
Welcome to 2015
Date Published:01-Jan-2015   Comments:0  Views:2699   By:Logan C Nyasulu

Welcome to 2015. We are very excited about this year. We have learnt a lot in 2014. We had a myriad experiences. We provided a multiplicity of services to our valued clients. We achieved much and hit several milestones. Our resolve to provide our characteristic services in 2015 is even firmer.
One of the things you can expect to see in 2015 is a refreshed DSi brand that reflects our way of doing things that is summarised by our brand expressions ‘Excitement, Energy and Excellence’. We are determined to offer you a unique quality of professional services that will inspire confidence and investments to Zambia! We remain persuaded of the fact that many Zambians living in the diaspora have significant interest to invest back home. Previously, some have experienced disappointment and discouragement at the hands of unscrupulous folk or dis-interested relatives, who received money for various projects but mis-appropriated it.

Our values are deliberately crafted to re-affirm the fact that notwithstanding any negative experiences you may have had, we are professional. We are keen to deliver what we promise professionally. you can rely on our professional know-how and you will not be disappointed. We are reliable. You can rely on us for your projects and business interests in Zambia. We are right now managing real estate assets and business interests for Zambians in the UK, USA, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, Lebanon, etc. We are reliable. We are passionate about innovation. We push ourselves to the limit to develop solutions that are specific to our client’s requirements. Our client’s challenges inspire us to develop innovative solutions. This is excites us and we love what we do! Timely delivery of our professional services is our hallmark. We believe in being timely because we know the value of time and what costs arise when timeliness is thrown out through the window. There is no question- we have an international reach and vision. Our client base extends across several countries. We pride ourselves in the diverse geographical spread of our clients. We plan to spread our reach to every part of the globe where Zambia is represented.

What are our basic strategic commitments in 2015 and beyond? We are determined to continue growing DSi into a lifestyle brand. Our initial reach is focussed on Zambians living in the diaspora. We aim to grow the brand far and wide, beyond the diaspora! We are keen to improve our communication channels with our clients in the diaspora. We expect to leverage ICT strides in 2015 to achieve this. Communication is a central part of our service to Zambians living in the diaspora. Furthermore, we are intent on creating a key blue chip investment vehicle for Zambians living in the diaspora. Our eyes are focussed on this and we will leverage the great investment and business potential harnessed by Zambians living in the diaspora.

In the meantime, we will remain responsive to your current professional needs in Zambia and, in our usual DSi way, will deliver solutions beyond your expectations.

Lastly, we sincerely thank all of you who chose DSi in 2014. Thank you very much for depositing your confidence in us. May God bless you and grant you much success in 2015 and beyond. We look forward to serving you once again in 2015.

By: Logan C Nyasulu
Managing Director- DSI


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